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Pelvic Health Physiotherapist | Centre for Obstetric Pelvic Health & Reconstructive Surgery (Centre for OASIS)
Suite 250, 2184 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E1
T: (604)682-5288 | F: (604)609-0538 |

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Susannah Britnell (she/her) is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist with extensive experience working in pelvic health. She completed her BSc(Hons)PT in Manchester, England and her FCAMPT certification and Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2001 here in Canada. Susannah has worked both in the public health system and in private practice. She has taken numerous pelvic health courses over the last 15 years, including courses for bladder, bowel conditions, pelvic pain, pelvic girdle pain, pediatric pelvic health as well as courses in persistent pain. She additionally has training in Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging, and IMS/dry needling. Susannah is a clinician and educator, teaching pelvic health courses to other health care practitioners through PHS as well as her own courses on pelvic girdle pain and coccydynia. Susannah is a teaching assistant for ANIMS courses and is also an adjunct professor in the UBC Masters of Physiotherapy program.

Susannah is delighted to be working at the Centre for OASIS, supporting Dr. Giroux’s patients from pregnancy, postpartum, through to peri and post menopause. Susannah has extensive experience as a clinician in pelvic health, as an educator for physiotherapists and in education development for health professionals and patients. Her passion is helping people with pelvic health concerns improve their symptoms, function, and quality of life so they can do the things they love and that are important to them. If a pelvic health concern is impacting your life, Susannah would love to work with you.


Treatment Modalities:

  • Whole person approach

  • Trauma Informed 

  • Education

  • Manual Therapy

  • Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging

  • Therapeutic Exercise 

  • IMS

Conditions Treated:

Obstetrical related concerns (pregnancy and postpartum)

  • Pelvic floor muscle and external anal sphincter muscle rehabilitation

  • Pelvic floor pain

  • Perineal or caesarean scar pain

  • Sexual pain

  • Bladder concerns, including urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence and pain

  • Bowel concerns, including frequency, stool/gas incontinence, constipation and pain

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Diastasis recti (Abdominal muscle separation)

  • Pelvic girdle pain (back hip and pubic pain- pregnancy related and beyond)

Bladder and bowel concerns across the life span

  • Bladder frequency, urgency, incontinence, OAB, and bladder pain/IC

  • Bowel frequency, urgency, incontinence, pain, and constipation

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic pain

  • Pelvic pain; vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, sexual pain, pudendal neuralgia

  • Increased pelvic floor tone (over recruitment) and tenderness

  • Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

  • Scar pain and sensitivity

  • Vulvar/vaginal pain related to peri and post menopause

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